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Zen — Sunshine

The room faced north, and was dreary despite three open-curtained windows. Trimming overgrown shrubbery let in a bit of sunshine. Clippers applied to thick overarching branches helped, too. Yet gloom persisted, even mid-day. Then—a tree crew, with chainsaws. The scent

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The Accomplishments of Trees

Image Source: Sometimes on summer evenings I step Out of my house to look at trees Propping darkness up to the silence. ~A Final Affection by Paul Zimmer As branches thudded to the ground, the arborist said, “It’s beginning

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Photo source: There’s an acorn lying on the desk beneath the computer monitor, beside the mother-of-pearl souvenir mug from a trip to Washington DC. The acorn is perfectly shaped, green and smooth, topped by a rough tan cap punctuated

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Pruning the Self-Absorption

Image source: The lantana grew unruly over the last few weeks of summer. Sunshine-colored blossoms and long-armed branches of spiky leaves choked out the amaryllis and were on the verge of a hostile take-over of the garden. The gardener

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Image source: Tax simplification is the topic of the day once again. Senate finance committee members are holding meetings with experts to listen to and weigh proposals for reducing complexity in the US tax code. At the same time,

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Form and Function

Image source: The trio of nature pictures hanging on the wall features a horse, a bear cub and a fox. Each animal faces the camera, ears forward. Each set of ears–curved, rounded, pointy–provides the same useful benefit, yet each

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Image source: The notice in the newspaper told of an ordinary life, yet the details wove a rich history. How could so few have known of the wealth of experiences hidden behind the quiet exterior? The discovery came too

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image source: The matching pair of 30-foot cedars, one on each side of the drive, had been the height of landscaping beauty when small. Now they blocked the view of the road, and made leaving the drive dangerous. Even

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Full of Beans

Image source: The green bean plants sprawl across the garden, the thick canopy of leaves protecting the roots and the edible pods. In the abundance of greenery, it’s easy to miss the pods when you’re out there picking a

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Measuring Productivity

Image source The UPS driver no longer rings the bell in our neighborhood. Instead, you hear the roar of a heavy engine and you open the door in time to see the brown delivery truck as it pulls away

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