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Defining Good Enough

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“It’s only off a dollar.”

Depending on your mindset, as an accountant that sentence either makes you shake your head in annoyance or nod your approval.

If you’re in the first category, you’re thinking, “Yes, and it doesn’t HAVE to be off, not even by a dollar.”

If you’re in the second, you’re thinking, “No big deal. Let it go.”

And, whatever your reaction, no doubt you’re certain the other response is wrong.

At issue is the definition of “good enough.”

It sounds like a small thing. Yet a mismatch between your definition of “good enough” and that of either the firm you work for or your audit or tax manager can affect your performance.

Even worse, you may realize it’s just one part of a bigger problem–such as a complete disconnect between your work ethic and your employer’s.

What to do if you discover your nagging sense of stress is caused by an unacknowledged but instinctive understanding of being out of step with your work environment?

Make no apologies. Do you apologize for being left- or right-handed? Then why think you need to excuse your personal threshold of “good enough”? “You are who you are” is a cliché because it’s true.

Give up the idea of winners and losers. You’ll never convince someone with a different mindset your way is right, any more than they’ll convince you to adopt their point of view. State your case, stick with your conviction and focus your time and attention on more important things.

Move on. Dwelling on the problem is not a solution. Should you move on physically to a new job, or mentally by accepting the situation and staying where you are? You’re the only one who can define which choice is good enough for you.


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