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Taking Your Own Advice

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Do you have a will? Life insurance? A financial plan? Are your business records in order?

Or are you so busy you forget to follow your own advice–the very advice you expect your clients to heed?

If the second paragraph describes you, it’s time to quit talking and get busy. Implementing your own suggestions can benefit your practice as well as your personal finances. Here are three reasons why.

You’ll offer better advice. Instead of giving clients only “big picture” recommendations, personal experience can help you break a task into smaller actions that are easier to accomplish. For instance, after you’ve set up your own Health Savings Account, you know where to get the paperwork and what information you need to have on hand to complete it.

You’ll be able to relate. You can tell your client about your own experience, helping her avoid pitfalls that may cause her to give up before carrying out your advice.

You’ll gain authenticity. There’s an old expression that says others will follow your footsteps more easily than your advice. Wouldn’t you rather scale Mount Everest with a guide who’s made the climb himself?


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