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Who: Brandow Company, Camp Hill, PA

What: Small business statistics

Overview: offers free business statistics, broken down by industry as well as by entity type, such as corporation or sole proprietorship. The site also offers financial ratio calculators.


• provides benchmarks and financial ratios. Site use is free, and you’re not required to register or provide personal information.

• The site loads quickly, and has a simple layout.

• Ratios are available for multiple industries, and glossaries are available.

• Material is presented in an easy-to-read format.

• Source code is available to use to add financial calculators to your own web site or blog.

Potential Drawbacks

• The site contains advertisements, and these ads put cookies on your computer.

• The site is strictly do-it-yourself document retrieval.

• The statistics are dated (from 2008 as of the date of this review), and the IRS information is even older (from 2004 as of the date of this review).

• The basic purpose of the site is to drive traffic to the parent company, Bizminer, which sells more up-to-date, detailed statistics.

Opinion: is a useful tool for basic statistics to get you started in evaluating financials, though the dated material is annoying. Still, for the price (free), tax practitioners will find it helpful when looking for general information about industry benchmarks, including how to value business sales.

Taxing Lessons Final Grade: D

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