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Who: Interactive Tax Group, Inc., Newport Beach, CA

What: Federal Tax Law Library

Overview: offers free access to the Internal Revenue code, Treasury regulations, IRS publications, forms and instructions. also provides articles and videos prepared by various contributors.


  • offers a searchable database of tax law. Site use is free, and you’re not required to register or provide personal information.
  • The site loads quickly and has a simple, eye-pleasing layout.
  • The tax law and treasury regulation databases appear complete and currently up-to-date.
  • Linked material is presented in an easy-to-read format.

Potential Drawbacks

  • There’s no indication of how or how often the tax law and treasury regulation resources are refreshed.
  • The current repository of videos and articles is slim.
  • While the authors’ names are included on articles and videos, there are no profile pages or other indications of qualifications. Some articles are bylined “TaxTVStaff,” with no additional attribution.
  • The on-site search engine is poor, and returns unhelpful results when queried for specific code citations. You’re better off to click the tab for the Internal Revenue Code and search the page.
  • The site appears to be relatively new, and may not survive. The parent company has no BBB rating.
  • The site seeks contributions from professionals, yet appears to offer no compensation for articles or videos, and (per the Terms and Conditions) will claim all rights to works submitted.
  • There is little information about the site owner, other than the standard, required statement that the company does not provide legal or professional advice. While not detracting from the convenience of looking up code citations, non-transparency is troubling.

Opinion: is an acceptable tool for researching specific code sections and regulations. Other areas of the site appear to be in flux and less useful to tax professionals. For the price (free), practitioners may find useful as a backup source to other free sites with the same information and a longer track record.

Taxing Lessons Final Grade: D

Review Policy Disclosure: Taxing Lessons receives no compensation for web site reviews and has no affiliation with the reviewed sites.

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